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Omnistar Article Benefits

Omnistar Article is a content management system that is both robust and incredibly easy to use. Our software has hundreds of advanced features that enables non-technical users to totally customize and administer Omnistar Article. Take a look at our benefits below and you will understand why so many businesses and webmasters choose Omnistar Live.
  • Build a site without technical know-how
    The great thing about a content management system is that it is the ultimate way for a user with little technical knowledge to manage their own website. All you have to do is start with a template and use the content manager to handle all the text and graphics. Even better, the content manager is great for a business, because it allows your IT staff to focus on their work, and the people generating content to add it themselves..

  • Create beautiful pages
    Omnistar Article's page editor is a robust platform that allows you to create attractive web pages without needing to know any HTML. The entire system is WYSIWYG, allowing anyone to add content to the site.

  • Create Unlimited Pages
    The Article software comes with another advantage, we let you create an unlimited number of pages. There's no arbitrary limits to your website development, instead we provide you the tools to create as large a site as you need, and let you manage everything from our back end.

  • Add Unlimited Users
    The content management software allows you to control who can access what through a user system, so that one or a few admins control the work of an unlimited number of users. Users will be able to edit pages and keep things running smoothly without being given the same level of access as an administrator.

  • AJAX, for speed
    The software also uses AJAX, to allow for instant updates and drag and drop functionality, both of which make the software more attractive and improve the end-user experience.

  • Timing control
    The software can use timers to add page content and expire old content, useful for any business that wants to unveil something at a specific time or otherwise wants to have pages expire. We give you the flexibility, and you get to use the software however you need it..

  • Advanced Options
    The software is also built to allow users to add their own PHP code, so you can expand the functionality of any page. Obviously, this is an advanced feature that should only be used by experienced programmers.

  • Backup and Restore
    Ever worry about something going wrong on your server? Omnistar Article has a built in backup system that will save your content and allow you to restore it should something get corrupted or lost. Data security is one of the most important parts of managing a website.

Now that you know the benefits of Omnistar Article, you can view all the product's features.