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Our Customers

Omnistar Etools are currently used by businesses world-wide, from small businesses to Fortune 500 firms. Please view a small sample of our featured clients shown below.

“Omnistar Live has greatly benefited our company because it has allowed us to decrease the time it takes us to respond to our customers thus leaving us more time to do what we do best!"
Carlos Martinez Valadez
Xerox Corporation

“The Omnistar Knowledge Base package provided us with all the functionality needed to create a fast, simple and functional knowledge base solution for our customers that is easy to administer. The Omnistar staff is very helpful and quick to provide attention to our needs."
Anthony Yarbrough
Customer Care Manager
The Planet Internet Services, Inc.

"We are very pleased with Omnistar Article's clean interface and ease-of-use. It is the best product we've seen for article management."
Justin Kuepper

"Omnistar Article Manager is one of the most attractive, cost-effective web technologies available. The various templates and their ability to be easily customized to suit the needs of the site at hand is a great asset. The Omnistar staff is incredibly accommodating, and they have the old-time people skills that make a customer look forward to doing future business with them, which is quite a rarity in today's technological age."
J. Adam Craig

“When building our website, we looked at many different options for posting job listings. Omnistar Etools was the easiest for our human resources department to use, and was easy to customize for our website. I had a few questions, and Omnistar's support was great!"
John Dunmire
ACMH Hospital

"ADS Talent utilizes Omnistar Etools to add additional exposure to our constant search for great candidates. Omnistar has allowed us to put an exceptional product into use for an incredibly low price. We would not risk doing business and exposing our branding to any substandard applications. The family of products that OmniStar offers meets and exceeds our standards of quality and as such, we're happy to integrate their products into our business practices."
Jason Hardi
General Manager

"Omnistar Etools is very easy to set-up and use. Once installed Omnistar Etools runs on autopilot performing valuable Etools services."
Randy Cherry
VP Operations

"We use the Omnistar Etools system as a backbone for operations, billing, sales and support. It is a very necessary system that our sales team and technical groups could not function without it; it allows us to have almost a 1-5 minute response time on critical issues, notifying the whole department and all that is available. Without Omnistar Etools we couldn't offer our industry leading response times."
Nathan Sanders

"We are very pleased with the Etools Solution and we are using it at our Technical Support site; Our clients are very happy to see all necessary information in an organized and easy to reach place. The software is very easy to use and we save a lot of time when we need to update it. Thanks for this great and affordable solution for the Internet users."
Lewis Yildirimturk

"Omnistar Etools provides a comprehensive and user friendly mailing list system that allows us to effectively manage our email newsletter campaigns. The Mailing List manager not only allows us to easily stay in contact with existing clients so that we may easily inform them of new and critical information that we would like to quickly and easily get out to them."
Lawrence Carrignan

"Omnistar Etools is a dynamic web based support solution that has greatly benefited our company because it has allowed us to better serve our customers by giving us the ability to better address their needs in a timely and efficient manner."
Emily Crader

“This program has become pretty valuable to my business. I have also recommended it to a number of my clients. It was probably the best $100 I have ever spent."
Chuck Southerland, P.E.
Southerland Resource Group

"I am the webmaster for a number of web sites and I've seen many listservs and newsletter distribution services. Omnistar Mailer provides me with detailed stats on how many people actually read the e-newsletter and how many times they view it. This is a huge benefit to measure the effectiveness of each campaign. The customization Omnistar Mailer is powerful as well. It's exactly what I was looking for."
Dennis Schultz - Webmaster

"Omnistar's E-Business Tools provides a comprehensive and user friendly mailing list system that allows us to effectively manage our various email newsletter campaigns. The Mailing List manager not only allows us to easily stay in contact with existing clients but allows us to reach new ones as well."

"Omnistar E-Business Tools has effectively helped me save hours and hours per week in delivery of my Newsletter. I am very pleased with the tools the Omnistar software has provided for me".
Jim Veritch
Systems News

"Omnistar's Ebusiness Tools is affordable, and is not restricted to a particular number of subscribers. It also looked feature-packed with the ‘Send HTML Page from the web’ – Which is really useful"
Steven Browett

"I checked out dozens of other mailing programs, and Omnistar was by far the best buy for the money. The program has lots of advanced features and it's really easy to integrate into existing sites!"
Tim Sigler

"We have so far sent out two mailings to our customers using your software and both times the response has been great giving us sales we never had before using any software and the inbuilt newsletter designer is perfect allowing us to create great looking mail shots very quickly!"
Andrew Barr

"After talking with a counterpart in the IT industry it was apparent we needed a solid help desk solution for our business. I found the Omnistar Etools solution online and after comparing it to a few other solutions it was decided to give it a try. The download was immediate and the full installation with setup was completed within 10 minutes. I called the Omnistar Etools support line with a minor question and had immediate results, no waiting, no automated responses, and no hold time. I have been very impressed. Not to mention within 1 hour of the rollout, after I easily modified the look and feel to suit our web theme I was selling technical support to my clients. My return on investment was virtually instantaneous. I fully support and would recommend this solution to anyone with a similar need."
Fenwick How
Owner / Fenwick Technologies, Inc

"The Omnistar Etools product Solution was appropriate for as we definitely had a need for job listings and the capturing of resumes from our visitors. is the largest Law Enforcement Career website and because of the Omnistar Etools product, it has added another dynamic feature that will continue the growth of our company. We thank the staff of Omnistar with helping to make our installation a success. We would recommend that if you are in the market for a Recruitment Tool or Job Board, that you consider the Omnistar Etools Product. Thanks again Omnistar... the staff of thanks you for your technology."
Brian T. Deegan
CEO and Director

"There are a lot of similar packages ''out there''
which either cost tons of money or have significant flaws. You have a
product which sports features in the $795 price range, and you back it well."
''Pat and Sam LLC''
Ray -n- the gang.

"Omnistar Ebusiness Tool is a great product, it's dramatically increased our support productivity and customer satisfaction. With its nicely integrated helpdesk, live chat, knowledge base and troubleshooter components, our customers can easily get fast and effective support."
Kevin Carman
Fibernet, LLC

"Omnistar's Ebusiness Tool is a great product, it's dramatically increased our support productivity and customer satisfaction. With its nicely integrated helpdesk, live chat, knowledge base and troubleshooter components, our customers can easily get fast and effective support."
Thomas Scovell
DigitalCandle, Inc.

"Omnistar's Ebusiness Tool was easily and successfully implemented on our servers. We are very pleased with its user friendly interface and its effective comprehensive support components."
Jonathan and Maida Barrientos

"Omnistar's Ebusiness Tools quite possibly has saved us a few hours each week that was previously spent ensuring that support questions got to the appropriate people."
Mark Davoli
The New York Genealogical and Biographical Society

"Simply put…value. The Omnistar's Ebusiness Tools solution offered the most for the money and really fit what we needed."
Mark Linabury
Quaz Hosting

"Omnistar's Ebusiness Tools is a feature rich, affordable system that met all our needs and requirements."
Jay Reeder
Voiceplus Communications

"We needed a flexible support desk system for our hosting service. We found that and more in Omnistar. Most hosting companies use a Perl based support tool or a propriety system. With Omnistar, it looks like we spent a lot of money for such a high end system. We are very happy with it!"
Victor Hernandez
77 Host, Inc.

"Omnistar's Ebusiness Tools has greatly benefited our company because it has allowed us to better serve our customers by addressing their needs in a timely and organized matter."
Lawrence McCord
On Time Media, LLC

"Overall, this is one of the simplest systems I have ever set up. So many sites claim to have you up and running in 15 min…..with Omnistar, I was!
Thanks again for everything…You guys are the best."
Shellie Hernandez

“Omnistar's Ebusiness Tools allows a small business owner like me to compete with the Big Boys. Customer service is one thing, but excellent customer relations is another. The Omnistar's Ebusiness Tools staff support staff continuously ensured that our service was up and running in no time at all. I have never seen such patient technical people in my 10 years of working in the computer industry, and I thought I have seen the BEST. Omnistar’s technical team held my hand until we got everything working like a charm! I will not hesitate to recommend Omnistar to my audience on all my Speaking Engagements for other small business entrepreneurs like myself. Thumbs up for a great team!”
Ceil Hansen,
Professional Speaker and Founder
HCW Consulting Group

"As soon as I logged into the admin control panel, I could tell that Omnistar's Ebusiness Tools was going to be good, it's a virtual support section, literally.
The time this saves for us, by organizing everything into one tidy, easy to manage system is priceless, Omnistar Ebusiness Tools is the best of a VERY good bunch, considering the competition, that's a massive plus. Keep up the awesome work!"
Simon O'Rourke
Interactive Hosting

"I just want you to know that good customer support online is hard to find. The Omnistar's Ebusiness Tools support representative is one of those commodities you do not want to lose. His responses to my problems were handled personally by him diligently and accordingly.  I need to let you know how much I appreciate this. I often get frustrated when I spend money online and get no response what so ever for weeks, even months from some company's who already processed my payment and left me hanging out to dry until they get around to it. With Omnistar's Ebusiness Tools this is not the case. Every one of my demands was handled by my support representative with the utmost respect and professionalism. I really, really appreciate that."
Aaron Olson

"My name is Mike Mudrick and I am the owner of Recently, I tired a demo of several STS style programs. After seeing Omnistar Live at work on a competing site, I decided to check it out.
I have been in the hosting business for several years and have worked as a Senior level technician for a competitor. While there, I became familiar with STS and its ease of operation. So upon opening my company, I decided to get one for my team.
Omnistar's Ebusiness Tools ranks close to what I am familiar with and is very user friendly once it has been setup. The price is exceptional and in my opinion, they could be making much more from it from a financial standpoint.
However, its not the program that makes the company; it is the quality of your customer support.
After purchasing the program, I attempted to set it up and was plagued with issues. Partly because I was in a rush and partly due to numerous 18 and 20 hour days getting the server setup. I called numerous times for technical support and each time I spoke with a live support representative and each time I was greeted by a knowledgeable and courteous technician. Not once did they not become frustrated or fail to have an answer for my issues. As I stated, I have been in the hosting industry and support for several years. I have seen many techs become God Like and talk down to clients. I too have been guilty of this in the past. The Omnistar Live support representative that assisted me is in my opinion a top level technician and deserves more than what you're paying him! :)
I felt it necessary to write as I know how important it is to hear what kind of employees you have and the quality of their service to your clients. If the quality of your company is based on your customer service and support, your company will grow to be number one in STS development.
Hats off to OmniStar and to its entire support staff for excellent service and support!"
Mike Mudrick

"Omnistar etools provides the most professional applications on the Internet. We depend on many of its programs to provide value-added service to our visitors. It has one of the best customer supports. We would strongly recommend to everyone who are really looking for quality and professional internet applications."

Nabeel Aejaz,
Creative Director,
Raw - The Magazine