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Our Datacenter and Security Infrastructure

Our data center is constructed to offer high availability for the hosted solutions offered by Omnistar Interactive. Omnistar has partnered Rackspace which is the leader in managed hosting. We are confident that the data center physical plant and network infrastructure and security will allow our customers and partners to know their data is secure and protected.


Best practices for high availability bandwidth are in place such as the use of physically distant entry points for several tier-one network carriers, including WilTel, SBC, Sprint, AT&T, Qwest, Time Warner Telecom and MCI. Multiple edge routers and an internally redundant network co-designed with Cisco provide assurance that data will be routed to and from the Internet with low latency and high availability. Rackspace data centers offer a 100% network uptime guarantee (SLA). All important aspects of network availability and performance are monitored by staff on a 24x7 basis.


We know that a powerful HVAC system is essential for rooms packed with rows of heat-producing servers. The HVAC system is equipped with redundancy in the event that primary coolers experience issues. To prevent accumulation of dust and keep everything cool, the air in the data center is run through filters and cycled every 90 seconds.


Each member of our staff is certified and experienced in maintaining and monitoring critical systems and hardware. Rackspace employs more RedHat Certified Engineers than any other hosting provider, and employs than 60 staff members with Microsoft Certified Professional certificates. Our employees’ combined experience is extremely valuable in swiftly fixing common and not-so-common data center issues.

Fire Suppression

State of the art fire suppression technology is also deployed to immediately halt the progression of any detected fire and to ensure key services to continue without any interruption.


Constant surveillance, biometric identification, keycards, and a strict policy of limiting access only to employees who have undergone thorough background checks, making sure that only individuals with authorization have physical access to servers and networked equipment.